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Announcing: QuaapSrv

 biglogo.png?150 A few weeks ago I talked about fat websites, and mentioned my own site was pretty light on its feet. Well, now you can enjoy that lightness too! With QuaapSrv[1]!

I've spend the last few weeks' worth of baby naps working on the program I use for maintaining this blog. I've been trying to hammer it into shape and make it slightly more acceptable to the general public, and in the process managed to improve it significantly and add a ton of features, as well as make it easier to install and configure.

So now I've gone and released it as opensource (GPL), and gave it its own home.

I'm sure it's not problem-free and I'd consider this a beta release, but I've bee using it for a while and I hope others will find it useful as well.

If you try it out let me know here in the comments below. If you have feedback or problems, use the Github page.

You can find the latest release on Github.