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Bad day of homeschooling

I had big plans for the homeschool today…

Before bed last night, I printed out a few addition and subtraction worksheets, which the little one said she would like to work on in the morning. I had also been planning a rather elaborate science lab to experiment with different liquids and explore how they mix (or don't). I also had a book lined up for us to co-read, and probably write a little story.

Instead, she wanted to have me read the last chapter of the graphic novel her mom and her had started the night before (Zita the Spacegirl). Next, she spent the most of the rest of the morning re-reading it by herself, and then a few hours writing and illustrating a few comic books based on it, occasionally asking me how to spell things. After lunch she watched a Bill Nye and built things out of blocks with some friends for a few hours.

I'm a bit exasperated! I don't know how she's supposed to learn things and get socialized if all she wants to do is mess with comics, watch TV, and play with her friends all day.

Better luck next time, I suppose.

2013-03-25 #school