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My Black Friday pledge

This Thanksgiving evening and Friday morning, I pledge to not go out and buy things I don't need. I won't buy a crockpot for 10 dollars, or a large screen TV for 500. I won't buy the latest toy that my child will lose interest in after an hour. I won't buy any new electronic gadgets that waste my money and time. I won't buy any over-priced kitchen toys to make a mediocre cup of sugary coffee.

Yes, I pledge to not shop for consumer goods on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. In fact, I'll do you one better:

I pledge to not do that every Thursday and Friday… Wait! Why not every day? Yes! I hereby pledge to stop buying crap all year round! I pledge to purchase items only to replace things which no longer work adequately.

My kitchen gadgets shall be my existing pots, pans, cast-iron skillet, cheap mixer, utensils, microwave, and stove. I'll make my caffeinated beverages by heating up water in a ceramic mug. My old flip phone, my camera, and my computer are good enough: I don't need new ones, and I certainly don't need additional gadgets. I don't need any clothing or jewelry. My daughter has enough toys. We have enough plastic stuff. We already have enough… everything. Everyone already has enough.

Yes, I pledge not to buy things I don't need, and I pledge to not give things that others don't need. Remember: It's the thought that counts, so just give the thought.