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I like my…

I like my (women/men) like I like my coffee:

  • Hot and black.
  • Sweet and creamy.
  • Chocolaty.
  • Cheap and usually found at ALDIs.
  • Cooled slightly with a splash of almond milk.
  • Lukewarm and present.
  • With a spoon in them. (Thanks Eddie Izzard.)
  • Old and bitter.
  • Preferably hot and fresh but reheated in the microwave is fine too.
  • Fairly traded.
  • Dairy-free.
  • Cold.
  • Organic. Or conventional. Whatever.
  • Columbian and trapped in a bag. (Thanks SMBC.)
  • Stimulating my nervous system.
  • Stimulating my bladder.
  • French.
  • Italian.
  • Columbian, Arabian, or other TSA-suspicion-inducing variety.
  • Irish and full of whiskey.
  • Twice in the morning and then twice again after lunch. Maybe again right before dinner.
  • Plucked, dried, shipped halfway around the world, roasted, ground into a fine powder, steeped in boiling water, and slowly sipped.