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Hey, Big Spender!

While I've seen much hoo-ha recently about Obama's "record breaking" budget and deficit, and much bemoaning about it from those of the Republican persuasion, I don't recall any of them complaining about the previous 8 years when the budget increased massively and the debt doubled.

Using the publicly available treasury data on the national debt, I have constructed a few simple graphs for your entertainment:

Federal debt over time

Note that the debt dates are for the fiscal year, so the "2009" fiscal year ended September 30, 2009 and reflects the changes while the last Bush budget was in effect. I can't say for sure that none of "Obama's expenses" aren't included, but even if you remove FY2009 entirely, the ginormous increase is clear.

Just the increases in federal debt|Just the increases in federal debt

I have little hope that Obama won't break all these records by the end of his term(s), and this undoubtedly a very bad thing, but please stop talking as if the massive deficits and increasing debts are purely an Obama invention.

Made-up chart

(Disclaimer: I am not a Democrat, I am merely an independent who likes pointing out obvious political hypocrisy.)