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Fat people vs Skinny people

I decided to come up with a list of "dumb arguments". It is not that they are unimportant or are unwinnable, but arguments that people on both sides make unwarranted assumptions or come to some extreme conclusion.

First, the fat people:

You are fat. You are fat for one reason only: you consume more calories than you expend. That's it. It is not true that no matter what you eat you gain weight. It is not true that no matter how little you eat you don't lose weight. It is not true that scientists change their minds every other day about what causes obesity. The simple truth is that you eat more food than you can burn off at your activity level. The fast food restaurants are not causing you to be overweight. The Chinese buffet isn't responsible either. It is your own choice to eat so much.

Now, on to the skinny people:

You are not fat, and unless you were once fat and worked to lose it, you have no idea how simple or difficult it is to limit your food intake. If you were never fat, you probably just stop eating when you no longer want to eat more. You don't have to make yourself stop eating even though you still want to eat more; fat people who want to lose weight do. It's not a matter of willpower for you, so keep the willpower opinions to yourself.

2005-04-26 #dumb-arguments