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Gender pay gap

First, I need you to know that I'm on your side. I'm not bringing up these points to dismiss the gender wage gap, but to make sure people work towards a real solution. And I know none of this is new. ...

2017-05-25   [Permalink] #gender  

An accidental sociological gender experiment

I recently realized that I had been doing a science experiment! Ok, I haven't recorded any data, and there are no controls, but work with me here. The experiment is on people's expectations of gender essentialism. What's gender essentialism? Gender essentialism is the belief that certain behavioral traits are gender-specific: Men like sports, steak, beer, and fighting. Women like shopping, salads, wine, and gossip. Men are aggressive, women are passive. Etc. ...

2017-05-22   [Permalink] #gender  

It’s Incredible(s)!

Incredibles shirtHere is a shirt I bought for my daughter a few years ago. I picked it up at Goodwill. When I saw it, I said (silently to myself), "Hey, my daughter likes The Incredibles, and she wears clothing, so this is a win-win!" Now, my giant, almost-2-year-old son wears it. But it wasn’t until last week that my wife and I saw something strange about it. ...

2016-10-06   [Permalink] #gender   #MasculinitySoFragile  

LOL Fragile Masculinity

Male tears Isn't it funny how guys hate to be perceived as gay, even for a second? Anything associated with gayness or femininity is instantly discarded. They won't hug or touch hands. They're even afraid to express emotions or cry! Men are so insecure in their masculinity! LOL! ...

2016-04-06   [Permalink] #gender   #MasculinitySoFragile  

"Gender neutral"

Admit to being a fan of "gender neutral" parenting in certain company and you'll likely receive a few patronizing glances and eye rolls, and stories about how their kids are true boys and true girls who like nothing but gender-appropriate play, toys, books, clothing, and TV shows, and there's nothing wrong with that or the way they were raised, Goddamnit! ...

2014-05-30   [Permalink] #gender  

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