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Homeschool record keeping

Technically I'm not required to do any record keeping. My state, Kansas, does not require it. All I need to do is wait until she turns 7 and register myself as a "Non-Accredited Private School". After that I merely need to make sure she owns shoes and keep her from eating too many paint chips. That's pretty much it. However, I've already registered myself with the state to make it "official" and to keep things consistent, and have been keeping some basic records of things we did each week.

I like to keep real records because it keeps me contemplating which things we have been doing and which areas we might not have done much with that week. It will also help in the case we ever move to a state with different requirements or ever face a truancy issue, so I won't be starting from zero.

For the immediate future, I've come up with a record-keeping plan I hope will work out.

The plan: We have a large four-drawer hanging file cabinet. One drawer (to start) will be dedicated to homeschool. Each week will get its own hanging file.

Into each week's folder will go:

  • Completed worksheets.
  • Letters she wrote (or copies).
  • Drawing she completed (or copies).
  • Comics she/we created (or copies).
  • Several printed pictures of things we did and events we attended.
  • Leaflets and brochures we picked up at places we visited.
  • Any other education-related memorabilia.
  • The record keeping form for that week.
  • Possibly a journal-type entry explaining anything in more detail (if I'm feeling energetic, which is not often).

Some weeks the file folder will be fat, some weeks it may be thin, or sometimes even nearly empty, but overall I hope I can provide a compelling story of her education. It's unlikely someone from the state will never come knocking, but if they do, I should have plenty to show them. And, personally, I'll have physical reminders of things completed so I won't have to rely entirely on hazy memories of how often we wrote stories or read about ancient Egypt.

2013-08-05 #school