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Homeschool Update

Since this is (partly) a homeschool blog, I guess I should talk about homeschooling more than once a year?

We are still partially "unschooling". For those not in the know, "unschooling" means not doing traditional classes or forced school work. Kids do what they want on their own schedule: they won't retain forced "learning" anyway, and it'll just make most of them hate the process. Them learning things spontaneously is much more fun and useful.

I say "partially" unschooling because once every few months my wife will begin to get nervous at the thought of our daughter not doing formal schooling, and so I'll pick some basic worksheets or similar for her to do.

So she's currently signed up with Discovery K12 for 3rd-grade-level work. She's learning basic multiplication, and watching various science and "human geography" videos (it's social studies, but not as boring). She's already way ahead on reading and spelling, so I don't worry about those sections. Altogether it takes her about 30 minutes a day to do those parts.

Technically, she'd be in 4th grade if she'd have started Kindergarten when she was supposed to (she was a late June birth, so she'd have been among the youngest), but I'm so glad we waited to introduce multiplication until this year. She's so much more ready now than she'd have been last year this time. She's intuitively grasping the concepts behind it… last year it'd have ended in tears.

Other than that she draws, reads, and occasionally writes things of her own free will. She's also using Duolingo to learn Spanish with her Mom. Of course she plays Minecraft (yay!), Roblox (meh), plays with her friends (yay!), and watches (too many) Youtube videos (a mixed bag of idiotic and educational).

So there you go!

2016-10-17 #school