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The Ice T Party

The Ice-T Party is a grassroots movement to restore our government – and our rap – to greatness. ...

2010-06-02   [Permalink]

Coconut milk ice cream

It tastes great, you can serve it to your lactose intolerant and/or vegan friends, it's easier to make than ice cream because it requires fewer ingredients, and the ingredients will last a long time before you decide to make it. This last one is my primary motivator. I like to make stuff. Food is one of those things, but the mood may strike at any time and I don't want to leave the house to go to the store when it does. Heavy cream or raw eggs will last a week or three in the fridge, but a can of coconut milk will last years, so it is easy to keep on hand. ...

2010-03-18   [Permalink] #recipe   #veg  

Oversimplifications of medical conditions

I recently watched an older episode of South Park which dealt with Alcoholics Anonymous. Knowing what I know about AA, I fully support the mocking of this organization and its "treatment" methods, and South Park did many things right in said mocking: ...

2010-03-12   [Permalink]

Censored Cartoons

I remember when I discovered that the cartoons I had watched as a child where censored for content on modern networks. I thought "What's wrong with people? I watched those as a kid and suffered no ill effects." The censored parts are not really that bad. Here's some of the more egregious examples of cartoon censorship: ...

2010-02-18   [Permalink]

Giggly man commands

In the Unix/Linux/gnu world, there's a command called "man". You use it to get the help page (manual) of other commands. For example, if you wanted to know all the options for the directory listing command "ls", you'd type "man ls". ...

2010-02-16   [Permalink]

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