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Censored Cartoons

I remember when I discovered that the cartoons I had watched as a child where censored for content on modern networks. I thought "What's wrong with people? I watched those as a kid and suffered no ill effects." The censored parts are not really that bad. Here's some of the more egregious examples of cartoon censorship: ...

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Giggly man commands

In the Unix/Linux/gnu world, there's a command called "man". You use it to get the help page (manual) of other commands. For example, if you wanted to know all the options for the directory listing command "ls", you'd type "man ls". ...

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OnlineNewspaper Gazette

The OnlineNewspaper Gazette was a satirical newspaper in the same vein as The Onion or The Daily Show. It had a short run from May 2001 to Oct 2002, which is actually pretty long in internet-years. It featured articles created by me and several of my talented friends and family. The original webhost was Thamus.org, then Craptaculus.com, and now finally Quaap.com. ...

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Rating system expansion

Ratings on the content of movies, TV programs and video games are generally a useful thing: they give parents a little bit of information about whether the content is appropriate for their children. Notification about the violence content of a movie is useful to parents. Knowing ahead of time that a movie contains graphic depictions of sex with donkeys, likewise. ...

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The Wikipedia experiment

Though I use it all the time, I often make fun of Wikipedia and its supporters for several obvious reasons, including terrible writing and a "patchwork" feel to the articles that arises from too many editors. But the main problem is that, as a source of reliable information, it, well, blows. When confronted with these negative opinions, the defenders of Wikipedia always tell me that incorrect information, lies, and vandalism are "corrected within minutes" and that it's just as accurate as other encyclopedias. ...

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