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Oh My God! Left Lane Drivers!

tailgate It's the biggest threat our nation has faced in decades.

You probably heard the news if you've been near any website lately: People are driving in the left lane, and it's terrible! They're not only driving in the left lane: they're driving slower than you want them to! <dramatic orchestra hit: bum bum BUUUUM!> ...

2016-09-01   [Permalink]

Why do we online? (Also, "online" is now a verb.)

No likeyIt's been slowly dawning on me that I have no idea why I read news articles. I'm not going to do anything with the information I receive. I mean, I've known who I am (not) going to vote for the last year, or the last decade if I'm thinking generically. Knowing the exact phrasing of whatever crazy thing Trump just said is not going to push me one way or another. ...

2016-07-20   [Permalink]

Pokemon Go vs Fantasy football

In a recent Facebook post I compared Pokemon Go to Fantasy football:

I feel that Pokemon Go is a bad thing: Instead of chasing made-up animals, people would be better off putting together the perfect imaginary football team, or explaining to their Facebook friends exactly how their non-favorite candidate will destroy the world.

I was just a one-off, good-natured joke aimed at those who think their particular hobby is less silly, but after thinking about it for a while, I think there's an opportunity here… ...

2016-07-16   [Permalink]

Believing only what you can see

"So, you only believe in what you can see, hear, or touch?" It is a (somewhat derisive) phrase you might come across every now and again if you don't believe in the supernatural. It's inevitably followed up with something about believing in love, freedom, or subatomic particles. After all, the reasoning goes, if you don't believe in the supernatural because you can't see it, how can you believe in love, freedom, or subatomic particles? ...

2016-07-01   [Permalink] #religion   #science  

Fat websites

Scales always mean overweight! I'm not one to make fun of the overweight and obese (being a member of the group and all), but… while I try to avoid mere cosmetic judging, I think pointing out negative consequences of obesity is sometimes OK. So, that's what I'm here today to do: talk about problem obesity… Your website is just too fat. ...

Typical mind troubles

 human_brain.pngA long time ago, in some class I don't remember anything else about, and in an unknown grade level, I remember the teacher going over the topic of logical fallacies. From that day, I remember mostly the ones with funny names: the "bandwagon fallacy" (everyone believes it, so it must be true!), the "red herring fallacy" (bringing in unrelated), the "ad hominem fallacy" (it's wrong because you're stupid), and lastly "hasty generalization". There's a particular variety of "hasty generalization" which is very important to me. ...

2016-05-17   [Permalink] #skeptical-zen  

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