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A Mass-Shooting Flowchart

A Mass-Shooting Flowchart

Update: I apparently need to note that this isn't about politicians politicizing shootings, it is about the selective non-politicization of certain shootings.

If a certain shooting turns out to have been done by non-Muslims, no matter how many were killed, a particular group of politicians pretty much ignores it. There is no call for governmental action. No new laws are proposed. Maybe there's a speech about how tragic it is, and possibly a few mumblings about our hard-working police, and than back to business. After all, it's not like we can do much ahead of time to stop a determined individual with access to guns.

But those same people go wild with ideas for laws and action when the perpetrators are Muslims. Suddenly, any shooting deaths are unacceptable! We must do something! And that something is usually pretty heinous.

(Yeah, I'm well aware that there's another particular group of politicians who do other stupid/hypocritical things, but I'm not talking about them at the moment.)