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A Rule Change for "Monopoly"

Monopoly. It's a game. Well, it's a game in the same sense that E. coli is a probiotic. And neither is a good way to spend an evening. However, Monopoly is, at the beginning, both egalitarian and capitalistic: every player has the same random chance of hitting it big. It's hopeful, almost, even if it's so slow it makes you wish you had E. coli instead.

But… The game doesn't really represent reality very well, and never has. That's what my idea for an adjustment to the rules hopes to fix.

A new rule to fix Monopoly

1) Shuffle the properties.

2) Separate off the top 90% of the properties.

3) Give them to a random player. (Alternatively, give them to the player with the most Western-European-sounding name.)

4) Give 90% of the money to the same player.

5) Hand everyone else a copy of Atlas Shrugged and the Steve Jobs biography and say "Go get em, Tiger!"