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Rating system expansion

Ratings on the content of movies, TV programs and video games are generally a useful thing: they give parents a little bit of information about whether the content is appropriate for their children. Notification about the violence content of a movie is useful to parents. Knowing ahead of time that a movie contains graphic depictions of sex with donkeys, likewise.

If we see a movie labeled "PG-13", that means there is some content which some person on a "ratings board" somewhere thinks would be unsuitable for children under 13. Most of the time, that means the people in the movie say "shit" once or twice, there's a brief flash of breasts, or lots of people are violently assaulted and/or die gruesomely. Similarly, if a TV show is labeled "TV-Y", you know you can skip it while looking for whacking material.

However, there's one problem. The ratings only give information about a very narrow range of subject matters, namely "sex", "violence", and "language".

What if, as a parent, I'm more concerned about other things? What if I don't care if my child sees naked breasts, but instead feel there's more damaging content which should be on the warning label?

I'm sure there's plenty of other parents who feel the same; therefore, I propose the following list of extended content ratings:

Rating Explanation
CR-13G Crappy Romance suitable only for 13 year old Girls
USM Unnecessary Swelling Music
OA-12 Over-Acting
N Nostalgia
BOOK Doesn't make sense if you haven't read the book
PP Product Placement
SRC Sappy Religious Content
EE-15 Excessive Exposition
SNAM Sappy New-Age Message
UHE Usual Happy Ending
BC/WC Black Cop / White Cop
SFWSO Sequel Falls Well Short of Original
CGS-O Computer Generated Scenes are Obvious
TC-14 Stars Tom Cruise (See OA-12)
PA Political Agenda
AG Axe Grinding
WTP Way Too Preachy
Zany Plot based on Zany misunderstandings
P Predictable
SP Simplistic Plot
Sports This is a sports movie, so you know who will win the big game at the end
DP Demographic Pandering
SHAKE Extremely Shaky Camera
NSC No Sexual Content, despite racy preview
JB/MB-15 Directed by Jerry Bruckheimer or Michael Bay: not suitable by anybody over age 15