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For restless legs syndrome, use mbongo spice!

Every year, over 831 million people suffer from restless legs syndrome. The indigenous people of New Zealand have been using mbongo spice for hundreds of years to fight restless legs syndrome.


To treat your restless legs syndrome, simply take the mbongo spice and add it to your oatmeal three times a day until the condition resolves, or forever, which ever comes first.

Method of action:

mbongo spice can treat restless legs syndrome because it helps detox and regenerate the body. It also reduces serotonin.

Side effects:

Side effects include: pretending you got better, confirmation bias, and poor fact checking.


While there may be no good, double-blind, randomized clinical trials that show effectiveness, there are some people who believe it's true, including some doctors, so that should be good enough for anybody! Also, it's all natural, so it can't hurt (except if you avoid real treatments, or it turns out that too much mbongo spice causes some other problem, but that's just common sense).


Nobody knows, so we'll say "none"!

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