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Things that aren't funny: Part I

A short list of un-funny things

Jokes about how white people are just so darn white.

Jokes about how black people are just so darn black.

Prank phone calls.

Tom Green.

MTV's Jackass.

MTV's Wildboyz.


Jay Leno.

Putting clothing on pets.

Guys getting hit in the crotch.

Jokes about being latino.

Jokes about being gay.

Jokes about being asian.

Jokes about being arabic.

Robin Williams.

Martin Lawrence.

Practical joke shows.

Billy Crystal.

Al Franken.

Carrot Top.


User Friendly.

Woody Allen.

Plots based on zany misunderstandings.

Jokes about Michael Jackson.

Joe Pesci.

There, everybody now knows the things in this list aren't funny, so we no longer have to speak of them again.

Thank you.