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Doctors are just in it for the money

Pffff! Doctors. Am I right? All in it for the money. Making up diseases and "disorders" so they and their pharma-buddies can sell you the "treatments". Half the time the they sell you something that makes you sick so they can sell you something else to make you feel better. Not a single doctor ever considers nutrition and fitness as a cause for worry. Oh, they may publicly "recommend" eating fruits and vegetables and getting daily exercise, but they don't really mean it.

I much prefer the alternative medicine world. It seems more honest and is not motivated by greed. Unlike "conventional" medicine, they focus almost exclusively on nutrition, exercise, and well-being.

For example, my knees have hurt for years. When I went to my (former) conventional doctor, she told me it was because I was overweight and didn't get enough exercise, and recommended I lose 40 pounds by watching what I eat and exercising, and if regular ibuprofen or Alleve didn't reduce the pain enough, she could prescribe a stronger pain killer… … Sure, sell me some pills. And I suppose that you just happen to get a kickback from the manufacturer for it? See, it's all about profit for them.

So I dropped that "doctor" and went to a reflexologist who specializes in nutrition. He took one look at me and told me I had an intolerance to wheat! No tests! No medical mumbo jumbo! How did that other "doctor" miss that diagnosis? So, he recommended eliminating all wheat products, and said I should walk a few miles outside every day to help earth my negative ions and detoxify my body. He also recommended willow tree bark, chondroitin, and glucosamine, all of which he helpfully sells in tablet form right there in the office.

Avoiding all wheat products is kind of a hassle, and I really miss white bread, pasta, cakes, cookies, donuts, pancake breakfasts, banana bread, cereals, etc… you'd be amazed how many of my favorite snack foods contain wheat! But I think he was right about the wheat intolerance because it seems to be working: I've been following his advice for 2 months now, and the pain in my legs is much better! I've also lost about 30 pounds! He says if you eat wheat products when you have a wheat intolerance it can make you gain weight, and I guess he's right! I now visit him every week for new recommendations.

I also visit my chiropractor once a week for any lingering leg pain not fixed by the reflexologist, and for the subluxations they told me I have (which my conventional "doctor" missed as well). At only $50 a visit, it's a bargain. Getting X-rayed every few months is a bit more expensive, and I am a little worried about cumulative radiation exposure, but they're unconventional, so I trust their recommendations as much as I trust the recommendations of my acupuncturist, colonic irrigationist, detoxificationist, and herbalist. They treat me for my candida overgrowth, vitamin deficiencies, and mercury toxicity (none of which my former "doctor" even looked for).

Finally, there are great people like alternative-health guru Dr Mercola. He's the best! Unlike those other doctors, he's not motivated by financial interest, so I know I can trust his recommendations. I trust his motivations so much that I bought every one of his books!

He recommends some alternative therapies such as proper nutrition and exercise, and encourages people to avoid most for-profit conventional "medication". Since I trust his motivations so much, I seek out all the products he recommends, most of which he sells right on his website: quite convenient! Why, just this morning I purchased my unrefined organic virgin coconut oil from his online store! It is a little more expensive than canola and olive oil, but he says it's much better for you. I also get a few other things he things he says I should be using, again, right from his store: CoQ10, chlorella, pea protein pills, melatonin, resveratrol, mushroom extract, spirulina, hibiscus extract, probiotics, coconut flour, digestive enzymes, and krill oil. I know these are necessary because he says they are and he's not just in it for the money. So I know I can trust the products he sells on his website, which he recommends in his books and website.

Beat that, "doctors"!

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2012-05-16 #health