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Your possessions are a gas

Your possessions are a gas, Not solid, not liquid: a gas. Solids stay put, fixed in volume. Your things are more a liquid, Freely flowing, spreading out. Filling your floors, collecting in corners. But, not liquid… Liquids are fixed in volume. More of a gas: gas expands. Gas fills all available volume. Your possessions are expanding. Expanding to fill your apartment, Expanding to fill your house, Expanding to fill your mansion. Expanding. Always expanding. Always filling up your volume, your space, Your life. Never contracting, Never shrinking… Unless compressed into a smaller volume. Pressurized. In a smaller mansion, In a smaller house, In a smaller apartment. Compressed. Pressurized. Or vented! Yes! Vented! Exhausted, exhaled! Into someone else's house, someone else's apartment, someone else's life. To Goodwill! To the recycling! To the fucking trash! The gas can flow out! … Breath out … … Breathe out … Your things can flow out. Exhausted. Exhaled.