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This article validates what you've been saying all along

Those other people: Geez, they're the worst. They believe that stupid thing. Not you: you never really believed it, and now you're more sure than ever that it's the wrong way to think.

You've been following the latest research done in that foreign country, and some recent studies hint very strongly that you're right. Scientific research, baby. You can't argue with that. Sure, the other side has some studies they trot out, but they're older studies and not nearly as good. There's a growing number of scientists who are questioning the thing. In time their side will be shown to be correct.

Graphs. You want graphs? Graphs that prove your point? Well, here they are!

Your point proven

Your point proven again

As you can see, they say it all.

And then there are those bloggers you trust. They think the same way you do! Like HuffPo! HuffPo hosted a think-piece on the topic! Oh, and Slate! There was an eight page thing on Slate that seemed to agree with what you've been saying forever. You didn't read it all, of course, no one does. Come on! Eight pages?! But up to page 3 most everything checks out!

What does the other side have? A few discredited bloggers, that's it. And that 6 page Atlantic article which was completely destroyed and debunked by a blogger you read.

The other side doesn't have a leg to stand on.

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2015-10-01 #meta   #science