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Believing only what you can see

"So, you only believe in what you can see, hear, or touch?" It is a (somewhat derisive) phrase you might come across every now and again if you don't believe in the supernatural. It's inevitably followed up with something about believing in love, freedom, or subatomic particles. After all, the reasoning goes, if you don't believe in the supernatural because you can't see it, how can you believe in love, freedom, or subatomic particles? ...

2016-07-01   [Permalink] #religion   #science  

A Christian Nation PR meeting

USA Christian Nation Flag PR rep 1: "We have a problem. We all know this great land of ours is a Christian nation, and we all believe our government should uphold Christian values, but there's a lot of people out there now who disagree. So, we're starting up a PR campaign to convince everybody. Now, how can we really let people know we are a Christian nation?" ...

2015-11-19   [Permalink] #religion  

"Voluntary" Islamic prayer in school

Coach praying after football gamesYou've lived in a quiet suburb in Michigan all your life. You like it there. You have many friends. Your son is on the high school football team. Over the years, there's been more and more Muslims move in, but that's all right: they're nice people and you get along just fine. Recently, the Muslim students began to outnumber the Christian population at your school, but again, that's all right: you're ok with that. Then school hired a new coach for the football team, and he's beginning to seem … not all right. ...

2015-11-02   [Permalink] #religion  

Self-labeling atheist

Every once in a while, something odd happens. Ok, I guess odd things happen all the time, but this is a particular odd thing. I'll be in a discussion with someone, and they'll absolutely insist I'm not an atheist. They are positive the term I should call myself is "agnostic". This usually happens right after I explain that I obviously can't be 100% certain and could hypothetically change my mind, given the right evidence. ...

2014-10-25   [Permalink] #religion  

My Unitarian Universalist diary entry

For a while I've wanted to take a peek at what the Unitarian Universalists were up to. I've been hearing about them for quite a while, and heard that they have many non-religious and non-theistic members. We're new in town and haven't met many people, so I was hoping that it'd be a neat way to hook up with some relaxed and interesting people. Also, they offer some kids' programs on religious education that would be great for my daughter, and a good place for her to play, do crafts, and meet other kids too. She seemed interested, especially in the "play" and "other kids" part. ...

2013-12-09   [Permalink] #religion  

What if it really were that simple?

In my adult youth (my 20s and early 30s), I was involved in my fair share of "philosophical" discussions. Some might say more than my fair share. Many of those discussions involved religion because it has been (and still is) such a force in the world. After coming to the conclusion that there probably were no gods, and stating so, those discussions often contained statements like: ...

2013-11-25   [Permalink] #religion  

Atheism in a pamphlet

In our neighborhood we don't get too many door-to-door religion salesmen, but they do happen by every once in a while. Recently it was the Mormons. Previously we've had Jehovah's Witnesses and various shades of evangelicals. Most of the time the encounter is very brief: I simply very politely tell them I'm not interested and/or don't have time, and send them on their way. But last year I hit upon a cool and funny idea: send them home with some of my literature. So… ...

2013-06-20   [Permalink] #religion  

Saying "Da" to not freaking out

Because Facebook shows you other people's likes, I came across this video, labeled 'Ukraine is saying "Yes!" to God. Again.' It was posted by a ministry that distributes Bibles throughout Eastern Europe. The video itself is harmless, just a bunch of random Ukrainians saying "Da" (yes), presumably in response to a question about God (the video never says it explicitly, for some reason). Nothing really to object to: I realize believers exist. But the Facebook comments… hoo boy… ...

2013-05-30   [Permalink] #religion  

Sunday visitors

I had an interesting encounter the other day. I thought I'd chronicle it here because it perfectly encapsulates my approach to religion… ...

2013-05-27   [Permalink] #religion  

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