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Believing only what you can see

"So, you only believe in what you can see, hear, or touch?" It is a (somewhat derisive) phrase you might come across every now and again if you don't believe in the supernatural. It's inevitably followed up with something about believing in love, freedom, or subatomic particles. After all, the reasoning goes, if you don't believe in the supernatural because you can't see it, how can you believe in love, freedom, or subatomic particles? ...

2016-07-01   [Permalink] #religion   #science  

Hi anti-vaccination friends!

Hi anti-vaccination friends! How are you? Didn't we have fun chatting the other day? I liked those cookies too. Great. But, there is something I didn't mention. I went quiet for a bit when a few topics came up, and later I didn't respond to your related Facebook post, either. That's what I want to talk about. ...

2015-02-14   [Permalink] #science   #school  

Evaluating studies

Suppose you're on Facebook, minding your own business, when somebody posts a link to an article. This article is about a study, or, more accurately, the article uses the study to support its argument. ...

2014-09-24   [Permalink] #science   #skeptical-zen  

Useful Subjects

"Kids should learn all kinds of things, like geography, classic literature, ancient history, world history, American history, state capitals, economics, philosophy, world religions, art, theater, music, Latin, French, iambic pentameter, haikus, sentence diagramming, and algebra." ...

2014-01-13   [Permalink] #school   #science  

Fundamental attribution error

Have you ever gone to a grocery store the day before a big winter storm is supposed to hit? Did you see all those idiots shopping in a panic? Some are even picking up three loaves of bread and two gallons of milk! I mean come on! It's not like this is the end of the world! You live in a major metropolitan area: You don't need to stock up and go into survival mode. ...

2013-12-20   [Permalink] #science   #skeptical-zen  

"Skeptic" is not an insult

I've noticed some people seem to have an odd definition of "skeptic". "Oh, he won't believe that, he's a skeptic." Or "I showed him the news article, but he won't believe it: he's a skeptic." They seem to use "skepticism" and "skeptic" as an insult, and it seems to mean a person is close-minded. ...

2013-04-15   [Permalink] #science  

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