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Supersize yourself

I finally watched Supersize Me. It taught me so many things, I can see why people love it so much.

Here's a short list of facts I gathered from this piece of art:


1) Say you're about 185 pounds and eat about 2500 calories a day. You wouldn't think that doubling that to 5000 calories a day instead would change much, but I watched with my very own eyes as director/star Morgan Spurlock gained 25+ pounds in merely a month by doing exactly that. What exactly did those wily McDonald's nutritionists add to the food to make this magic occur?

2) A meal at McDonald's automatically comes with a regular Coke. Zero-calorie Diet Coke, iced tea and water are hidden from view and the staff actively discourages their purchase.

3) When are eating your McDonald's meal, taking leftovers home or simply throwing them away is strictly prohibited. You must consume the whole order, period.

4) Ranch and Caesar salad dressing contains large amounts of calories and fat, and, once more, you must use the entire amount provided.

5) A person who goes from a vegan diet (no meat, eggs or dairy) to eating large amounts of beef, pork, and cheese 3 times a day does not normally have any negative reactions, but Mr Spurlock seemed to experience nausea, lethargy, and other health problems as well. More research into this phenomenon is needed, but it's not too soon to say it's McDonald's fault.

All said, the movie really opened my eyes. I for one will never eat at McDonald's again. It's really one vast conspiracy. McDonald's is evil, plain and simple. They're out to destroy the health of America to further their nefarious goals.

Help fight the Corporate monster: From now on, make sure all your mayonnaise-drenched double cheeseburgers, greasy breakfast sausage biscuts sandwiches, oily french fries, and sugary milkshakes are made at home! It'll help stop McDonald's, and it's healthier for you to boot.

2005-06-11 #dumb-arguments