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Excerpt From "The Trump that got Thunk"

With all her might, her eyes shut tight, She cried, “Thunk-thunk some more!” Then, BLUNK! Her Thinker-Upper thumped A double klunker-klump. My sister’s eyes flew open And she saw she’d thunked a Trump! He was tanish. Hated Spanish. And he sort of had bad breath. “Good gracious!” gasped my sister. “I have thunked up quite a meth!” She turned on her UN-Thinker, Tried to think the Trump away. But she found that her UN-Thinker Didn’t seem to work that day. The Trump just smiled and said, “Dear child, You can’t Un-thunk a Trump. Ask anyone. They’ll tell you That a Trump can’t be UN-thunk. "I’m here to stay forever In your lovely, lovely hombia. And now, with your permission, dear, I’ll use your xenophobia…"