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Giggly man commands

In the Unix/Linux/gnu world, there's a command called "man". You use it to get the help page (manual) of other commands. For example, if you wanted to know all the options for the directory listing command "ls", you'd type "man ls".

There are a lot of Unix commands, and a lot of them make me giggle when I use them with the "man" command. They're all innocent commands by themselves, but they take on a homo-erotic[1] or even tragic tone when paired with "man". Here is a list, which I have arranged in story form for maximum effect…
  • man find
  • man look
  • man locate
  • man compare
  • man nice
  • man date
  • man touch
  • man unzip
  • man finger
  • man strip
  • man head
  • man more
  • man top
  • man mount
  • man sleep

And a quick switch to Dexter-land:

  • man bind
  • man cut
  • man bash
  • man break
  • man kill