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I made these worksheet generators and games because few of the others I found online met my needs completely. Either they were too complex, not complex enough, hard to get at or print, had a limited range of values, required a sign-up, were covered with ads, or were commercial/pay. Oh, and I love programming and doing things myself, even (and especially) when I don't need to.

So I decided to make my own worksheet generators and let others use them too. These games and worksheets are free for non-commercial use.

These are all pretty experimental! (ie beta)


The main thing I was looking for in these was that they not be timed. My daughter hates timed gamed and simply won't play them.

Kitty Spell -- A (very) simple configurtable spelling "game". You can get bonus points for using letter combinations. Cat themed.

Chimp Math -- A (very) simple configurtable math "game". Chimpanzee themed.


Miscellaneous worksheet generators

Printable spelling/writing/vocabulary worksheet generator -- Sample

Printable and online secret code worksheet generator -- Sample

Math worksheet generators

Printable math worksheets -- Sample

Printable greater than, less than, equal to worksheet generator -- Sample

Printable "plus what?" worksheet generator -- Sample

Printable place value / unit blocks worksheet generator -- Sample

Printable "complete the pattern" worksheet generator -- Sample   ( This can also be used to make a Printable "What number is next?" worksheet. )

Printable number words worksheet generator -- Sample

Printable sorting worksheet generator -- Sample

Printable word problems worksheet generator -- Sample


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