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The Revolutionary Gravy Diet

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Buy the revolutionary book from the revolutionary doctor that started the revolution!

As Doctor Morgan said "I hope the Gravy Diet can help a lot of people buy my book". So don't disappoint Dr Morgan's memory, buy his book.

You cannot succeed in your weightloss goals without purchasing this book.

Also available at most alternative medicine stores worldwide.

Only $49.99

Dr Morgan's SuperGravy Multi-vitamin

While the gravy diet helps the body enter its natural state, it can sometimes be necessary to help out nature with several multi-vitamin tablets a day.

Only $189.99
anti-death supplement

Dr Morgan's Anti-Death Supplement

Use this supplement to prevent gravy-induced death.

Only $179.99
gravy pan

Hi-Tech Gravy Pan

A gravy pan for the 21st century!

Features a special lining that cooks gravy more evenly and results in more nutritious gravy. Includes a matching gravy utensil.

A must for every Gravy Dieter.

Only $259.99

Gravy Recipes

This tremendous book has over 10,000 different gravy recipes! That's a different gravy everyday for the next 28 years!

Did you know you can add lemon juice and red pepper flakes to normal gravy to get a spicy Polynesian gravy? You can find out more with this book.

Only $29.99


Stylish Gravy China

A gravy bowl fit for a king!

Perfect for your next party. Impress your upper class friends with your good taste.

Only $549.99

Gravy Diet Gravy in a Jar!

In a Gravy Diet breakthough, our gravy researchers found a method of sealing delicious, nutritious gravy in a jar!

Just microwave and eat!

Only $39.99

DVI Measurement Kit

Keep a close and accurate eye on your Diatosis Volume Index (DVI) with this precision measuring tool!

Only $299.99

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The Gravy Diet is not a real diet and was created for entertainment (mostly my own) purposes only.
Do not start the Gravy Diet.
The Gravy Diet is not affiliated with any other made-up quickfix crap diet that's really F'n stupid.
No, not even the one you're thinking of now.
And no, I am not interested in learning "the facts" about that other diet you think is so wonderful.