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AudioMeter for Android

A simple (and somewhat inaccurate) VU-style audio meter.

I noticed there was no audio meter in F-Droid, so I thought I'd build one from scratch. Currently this as a simple way to monitor relative sound levels (not "loudness").

Get it on F-Droid

The app offers a few ways to calculate the audio level to display:

  • RMS: Root Mean Square. This is arguable the most correct, but it is a little insensitive at low volumes.
  • LogRMS: Natural log of RMS: My first attempt to even out the scale. It's a little *too* sensitive to noisy mics.
  • SqrtRMS: Squareroot of RMS: My second attempt to even out RMS: it seems to works best.
  • Max: Simply find the loudest bit of each sample. Most responsive, but will peg the scale on noisey places.
  • Avg: Simple average of the sound.

Planned features

  • Show numbers on the scale.
  • Add dBFS (decibels relative to full-scale).
  • Ability to hide the advanced controls.

Future Features?

  • Make meter fit a variety of screen sizes.
  • Allow a log of the readings.
  • Fancier display.

AudioMeter is open source and can be found on Github, and is now available through F-Droid.




2016-11-18 #programming