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Pokemon Go vs Fantasy football

In a recent Facebook post I compared Pokemon Go to Fantasy football:

I feel that Pokemon Go is a bad thing: Instead of chasing made-up animals, people would be better off putting together the perfect imaginary football team, or explaining to their Facebook friends exactly how their non-favorite candidate will destroy the world.

I was just a one-off, good-natured joke aimed at those who think their particular hobby is less silly, but after thinking about it for a while, I think there's an opportunity here…

Fantasy Football Go

It's an Augmented Reality game like Pokemon Go, but it's based around fantasy football instead of Pokemon.

In my mind, it will replace fantasy football completely, and pretty much everybody who plays fantasy football now will use it instead.

To play, you wouldn't select your players from some pool, spreadsheet, or website, you'd need locate all the players "in the wild". Not the real players in their homes of course, but little cartoon versions of them you run across while using the app. Mainly you'd find them at GNCs, gyms, and offices of doctors who prescribe lots of painkillers.

Originally, I thought you'd throw little footballs to capture them, but that doesn't make much sense, so I came up with a better plan. To capture them, you'll throw little million-dollar contracts and pre-written lenient sentences for terrible crimes they might commit while on your team.

It'd follow the same general idea as Pokemon Go: there are common players who are plentiful but not that great, and rarer ones who are hard to find and take a lot to catch. If I knew the names of any current players I would have added them in that previous sentence, and everyone would be like "Haha, everybody knows <name of player> is overrated!"

Instead of Poke-stops and Poke-gyms, you'd visit sports bars and tax-supported stadiums to level up your players and spend money on vanity items.

Of course, when you meet other players, you'd get to battle. It would use regular football scoring, but there are also bonuses like "kept playing with a concussion". However, if your player sustains too many injuries, and can't be made playable with painkillers and speed, you must "retire" them (there's a big farm upstate…).

So, what do you think?