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LaunchTime is an alternative home/homescreen/launcher for Android devices. Its main feature is a side menu used to organize your apps into common-sense and configurable categories. It also features widgets, text search for apps, a QuickBar, links/shortcuts, recent apps list, and portrait and landscape support. ...

2017-01-21   [Permalink] #programming  

Lessons from the election

At least it's over? At least now when our president does something stupid/horrible (like ordering drone strikes on unnamed "combatants" or passing an insurance-company gift disguised as a healthcare bill), Democrats will finally say that it's bad? Oh well, on to the lessons: ...

2016-11-09   [Permalink] #politics  

Change in perspective

 loudness.png When I was 17 or 18, I drove my older brother's 1979 Sunbird home one time. That doesn't sound that cool, but he (personally) had crammed a 400 small block in there. It was the kind of car that put out 100 decibels of low-pitched BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB when you just idled down the street barely touching the gas. For teenage-me, it was awesome. I was also fascinated by loud motorcycles and fighter jets. Standard stereotypical teenage boy stuff, I guess. ...

2016-10-17   [Permalink] #parenting  

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