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Skeptic's toolbox

Just a few sources to check out before believing or repeating (especially repeating) an "amazing" claim ...

2008-02-22   [Permalink]

Arguments that don't make it

I recently had a conversation with a friend about religious beliefs. This friend brought up some of the reasons why he believed his religion was true. I didn't think they were good enough reasons to justify belief in a god, and since I had asked for reasons before, I thought I'd list some of the more common arguments and why I don't buy them. Note that this friend did not make all of these arguments, and I did not make all these responses. ...

2007-01-02   [Permalink] #religion  

Rebuilding New Orleans

When I heard of the plans to rebuild the destroyed parts of New Orleans, I was overcome with the warm fuzzies. Here were people determined to rebuild their lives and houses no matter what the current and future costs to you and me. God bless them. ...

2005-09-17   [Permalink]

Is that a toe on your head?

For someone who tries to live as myth-free as possible, it can be fairly rough going sometimes. As an exercise, pretend someone told you he believed that all humans have a toe growing out of the tops of their heads. If you don't immediately vacate the area, I can see the line of conversation going something like this: ...

2005-02-26   [Permalink] #religion  

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