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Dear Google

Please stop helpfully ignoring my search terms. If I take the time to type 5 words into the box, the pages listed should contain all 5 of those words. Not 4, not 3: 5. Why are you deciding that I didn't really mean those things I typed? Or, at least tell me when you do it. You've changed, Google. You've changed. ...

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Reminder about American Atheists

Just a reminder to everyone: Although the organization called American Atheists has the word "atheists" in its name, it is not an all-inclusive group. In fact, American Atheists only has a few thousand members, and, depending on how the survey questions are worded, there are anywhere from several million to several tens of millions of atheists in the United States. So, when the group named "American Atheists" does something ridiculous, keep in mind that literally 99% of atheists (myself included) in the USA are not in that group, and are not necessarily represented by its actions and views. That is all. ...

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Chopracubra (noun, also spelled chopracabra): a semi-mythical beast which haunts the science world with its meaningless sayings and misuse of science terms. It is said to be most active in the late afternoons where it can be found on daytime TV talk shows pretending to know stuff it could not possibly know. It is said to have a distinctive call, which consists of vocalizations like "quantum", "spiritual", and "awareness".

Literally, "chopracubra" (chopra-cubra) means "woo blower". Scientists debate whether the Chopracubra actually exists, or is simply a manifestation of desires in the quantum-entangled chi of universal Karma Dharma woodely doo. ...

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The Ice T Party

The Ice-T Party is a grassroots movement to restore our government – and our rap – to greatness. ...

2010-06-02   [Permalink]

Coconut milk ice cream

It tastes great, you can serve it to your lactose intolerant and/or vegan friends, it's easier to make than ice cream because it requires fewer ingredients, and the ingredients will last a long time before you decide to make it. This last one is my primary motivator. I like to make stuff. Food is one of those things, but the mood may strike at any time and I don't want to leave the house to go to the store when it does. Heavy cream or raw eggs will last a week or three in the fridge, but a can of coconut milk will last years, so it is easy to keep on hand. ...

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Oversimplifications of medical conditions

I recently watched an older episode of South Park which dealt with Alcoholics Anonymous. Knowing what I know about AA, I fully support the mocking of this organization and its "treatment" methods, and South Park did many things right in said mocking: ...

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