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Doda The Exploda

Doda The Exploda is a silly pseudo-pun I came up with, which I then turned in to a simple "hidden objects" game for Android.

Update 2017-04-05: If you downloaded the app from the Google Play Store from "A-Z Man" or "A-Line Studios": That is NOT me. My app contains no ads. That person added them and is not complying with the GPL by not releasing the source.

The biggest worry was trying to come up with dozens of license-free images. I know they exist, but it'd be a hassle finding one that was good and was public domain. Then I hit upon the idea of using Emoji: they're built-in, so I don't even have to include them! Just use the code!

You can find the source on Github, and it's published on F-Droid.

Anyway, here's what it looks like:

Doda The Exploda

  • Choose your level:


  • "Baby" mode:


  • "Toddler" mode:


  • "Child", no background:


  • "Child", with background:


  • "Adult", no background:


  • "Adult", with background:


2017-03-24 #programming