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Computational Demonology for Android

I wrote another mobile app. I wrote it for several reasons:

  • to practice using the Android SDK.
  • to learn about interactive graphics and using the Canvas.
  • to summon and/or expel demon-like creatures from other universes.


Computational Demonology is the science of using maths and algorithms to interact with the fundamental fabric of reality, particularly the borders between universes. Over the centuries, many mathematicians have accidentally discovered certain numbers and ways of processing those numbers which are capable of breaching those borders and bringing "things" from other universes into ours. These "things" are the creatures of myth: the demons, angels, spirits, ghosts, and dark energies of old stories and night terrors. Computer scientists and mathematicians working in secret have studied the algorithms and collected the "beneficial" formulae together for use in fighting those which are more… disturbing. A select few are presented below. If you find yourself in certain… situations, they may be able to help. Please use with caution, and think pleasant thoughts.

Though inspired by Charles Stross's "The Laundry Files", I don't actually use anything from it in this app. Just the general idea.

The source is available on github and it is available through F-Droid.

Computational Demonology Computational Demonology Computational Demonology

This is totally for reals! It's not just a weird idea I got after thinking about the books by Charlie Stross!

2016-12-13 #app   #programming