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Atheism in a pamphlet

In our neighborhood we don't get too many door-to-door religion salesmen, but they do happen by every once in a while. Recently it was the Mormons. Previously we've had Jehovah's Witnesses and various shades of evangelicals. Most of the time the encounter is very brief: I simply very politely tell them I'm not interested and/or don't have time, and send them on their way. But last year I hit upon a cool and funny idea: send them home with some of my literature. So…

I started thinking about an "atheist pamphlet". It was mainly a gag: Something to hand a hapless proselytizer when they pass me a Watchtower, "WWJD" pamphlet, or start lecturing me on the Bible. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a good idea. I realized after the Mormon encounter that many people of that type don't have a good working knowledge of the non-religious: they only know what they've heard on the news or from their religious leaders… so, generally not positive. I could have a chance to educate a few people, just a little.

There are other "atheist" tracts and pamphlets out there put out by various people and groups, and they're "OK", but they are usually much more antagonistic and negative than I care for, make statements I cannot personally stand by, or they are directed towards a different audience than what I intend.

What would I put in an "atheist pamphlet"? Nothing too long, obviously. Nothing aggressively anti-religion (my personal tastes). Nothing too ivory-tower or philosophical. I wanted something that represented my views and my beliefs, and most importantly, my tone.

So, call this working draft 1:

atheism in a pamphlet.pdf

I'd like to fancy it up a bit, but it works for now.

I've also included the LibreOffice/OpenOffice document if anyone would like to modify it for your own use.

atheism in a pamphlet.odt

Feel free to use it as is or modify it for your own use, with 3 licensing caveats:

  1. Be nice (don't litter or be a jerk while handing them out, etc).
  2. If you modify it, please make a note in the pamphlet that you have modified it from the original.
  3. Provide a link to this page.
2013-06-20 #religion