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Giving fish to men

No fishing for poor people "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime." We've all heard it, and we have a general idea of what it means. As an instruction manual, it gives you two choices for helping people: either do it for them, or educate them so they can do it themselves. There's no third option, but a lot of people add one anyway. ...

2016-02-12   [Permalink] #skeptical-zen  

PowerPuff Pork

My daughter and I have been watching a lot of Powerpuff Girls recently, so when I thought of making this, I just had to set this up…

Powerpuff pork ...

2016-01-24   [Permalink]


People have an odd view of odds. The recent Powerball mania, combined with October's "Bacon causes cancer" fiasco brought to mind a few oddities… (all odds are guestimates)… ...

2016-01-13   [Permalink]

A Christian Nation PR meeting

USA Christian Nation Flag PR rep 1: "We have a problem. We all know this great land of ours is a Christian nation, and we all believe our government should uphold Christian values, but there's a lot of people out there now who disagree. So, we're starting up a PR campaign to convince everybody. Now, how can we really let people know we are a Christian nation?" ...

2015-11-19   [Permalink] #religion  

"Voluntary" Islamic prayer in school

Coach praying after football gamesYou've lived in a quiet suburb in Michigan all your life. You like it there. You have many friends. Your son is on the high school football team. Over the years, there's been more and more Muslims move in, but that's all right: they're nice people and you get along just fine. Recently, the Muslim students began to outnumber the Christian population at your school, but again, that's all right: you're ok with that. Then school hired a new coach for the football team, and he's beginning to seem … not all right. ...

2015-11-02   [Permalink] #religion  

A conversation about bad apples

A bad appleApple Buyer: "I bought a bag of apples the other day and one of them was bad. I got really sick. I'm thinking of complaining to the company, and maybe warning others that sometimes apples can harm you." ...

2015-10-29   [Permalink]

Bad cop / bad cop

Rodney King police brutality A story came across my Facebook feed. It was about a black man who wasn't killed instantly by police and therefore there is no police racism problem. In accordance with my diet, I'm posting my response here. ...

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